Ways to Wellbeing Programme

builds the confidence, motivation and resilience
of students to develop the mindset to deal with
an increasingly challenging world.

Leaders in Learning, Well-Being and Motivation

The Super Generation supports forward-thinking schools with well-being and learning programmes which empower students to learn more effectively and to develop their social and emotional intelligence.

As experienced educators, we understand the factors that contribute to student well-being and academic achievement. We have designed innovative, yet practical and engaging learning and well-being programmes that inspire students to achieve academic success and become confident future leaders. These programmes are delivered in schools by teachers that have undertaken our Train the Trainer Programmes.

The Train the Trainer Well-Being Programmes reflect the students’ journey at secondary school:

  • Learning to Learn is designed for 12-15 year old students to provide them with practical learning and self-awareness strategies that enable them to feel more confident, connected and engaged in their studies.
  • Ways to Well-Being assists 15-18 year old students develop the confidence, motivation, resilience and mindset to deal with an increasingly challenging world.

Our experienced trainers also deliver seminars on study skills, leadership and well-being to students in schools. We have CPD seminars and Training workshops for Teachers which assist them in devising strategies to support young people on their learning journey. Parent seminars are also delivered to guide parents on how they can support their son or daughter.

Our approach ensures teaching staff are fully equipped to deliver learning and well-being programmes that has real impact on students lives and welfare.

Our Products Supporting Our Methodology

Ways to Well-Being

The Ways to Well-Being workbook is designed to help 15-18 year olds explore how to maintain their own sense of well-being.

Study Journal
Results Focused, Purpose Driver, Time Management Tool.

NEW – Learning to Learn
Embedding a culture of learning and support for students at Junior Cycle.

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