In School Workshop

Building Your Personal Portfolio

Building Your Personal Portfolio is a reflective workshop for Transition Year students. In this 2.5-hour interactive workshop, they will reflect on their (natural) individual and learning strengths and how they can use Transition Year as an opportunity to build a comprehensive portfolio of projects and
experiences tailored to their unique abilities and future goals.

Through a series of engaging exercises, participants will consider how they could leverage their talents through the rich experiences offered in Transition Year.

Students will also consider how they could obtain work experience to support these abilities and will be given practical guidance around cover letters, CVs and the job interview.


  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Soft Skills
  • The CV
  • The Personal Statement
  • The Cover Letter
  • The Interview
  • Presentation Skills, including the handshake and posture
  • Future planning


  • Audience: Transition Year students
  • Group size: In-class groups
  • Cost: Depends on number of students and location 
  • Venue: At your school (nationwide)
  • Duration: 2.5 hours

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