The Super Generation has a team of highly professional trainers who are passionate about supporting young people on their learning and life journey. Our trainers are profiled below.


Ger Robinson

Since 2013, Ger has been an integral part of The Super Generation team, contributing to both the development and delivery of seminar content. Ger is pursuing a PhD in Philosophy at UCD and recognises the crucial role that self-discipline and work ethic play in achieving academic success. His seminars focus on empowering students to actualise their potential and achieve their goals in all areas of life.
Ger's passion for education, learning, and knowledge stems from his belief in their transformative power. He finds motivation in helping students cultivate the right mindset, and has seen first-hand how raising awareness of its importance can lead to positive change. For Ger, teaching is a collaborative effort where he learns just as much from his students and fellow educators as they learn from him.
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Amie Preston

With an honours degree in Social Studies and a master’s degree in Child, Family, and Community Studies, Amie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role at The Super Generation. Having spent over 5 years as a Social Care Leader in disability services, and with a background in fitness, where she worked as a personal trainer for 10 years in both Ireland and Australia, Amie is well-equipped to support young people in reaching their full potential.
Her passion for empowering and inspiring the next generation led her to join The Super Generation, where she delivers seminars with a genuine sense of care and dedication. Amie hopes to instil in young people the importance of hard work and inspire them to strive for their goals.
Ciaran Prior’s TEDx talk: The Goodroom – Life Lessons from Dealing with Death.

Ciaran Prior 

In 2022, Ciaran joined the Super Generation team, having previously served on the front line of policing for 32 years as a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) with An Garda Síochána. With a unique backstory as a CSI and a natural ability to connect with people on an individual and group level, Ciaran delivers presentations and seminars that engage, entertain, and fascinate his audience.
His outstanding skills were recognised when he was invited to speak at the prestigious TEDx Tralee 2022 conference on October 6th. His talk, titled ‘Life Lessons From Dealing With Death’, chronicles his journey from a childhood fear of death to joining a job that exposed him to it on such a large scale over his 32 years of policing, and the valuable life lessons he learned from this experience.

Vicki Kelly

With a wealth of experience as a coach/mentor, Vicki understands the transformative power of personal development in preparing for the future. She is a passionate advocate for young adults as they navigate the challenges of transitioning to the next stage of life.
Through the psychology of coaching, Vicki helps individuals reframe situations, embrace challenges, and move forward strategically. She is deeply committed to self-development and is a testament to the positive impact it can have on one's life.
Vicki's impressive academic credentials include an MSc in Personal and Business Management (UCC), a QQI Level 7 in Mediation including Family Law (Griffith College), and a Post Grad in Coaching Psychology (UCC).

John Doran

Author of Ways to Well-being, John Doran has served as a teacher and guidance counsellor for almost three decades. He strongly believes in the transformative power of education to break the cycle of poverty and empower young people to make the most of their potential, regardless of their circumstances.
John's expertise in this area has led him to speak to a wide range of audiences, including management bodies, businesses, education trusts, teachers, parents, and students. His talks cover topics such as resilience, emotional intelligence, well-being in the workplace, stress management, and maximizing performance.
John has designed and delivered the SMART Training Programme, which helps individuals manage stress and build resilience. Ways to Wellbeing has been adopted by over 180 schools in Ireland and mainland Europe. His work has made a positive impact on countless lives and has earned him a reputation as a leading voice in education and well-being.