In School Workshop

Make It Happen Day - Senior Students

The Make it Happen Day is a customised, motivational and study skills workshop for senior cycle students who have previously participated in the Learning and Study Skills programme for examination students.
This programme consolidates the core study strategies along with including extra elements supporting students in their studying such as learning styles, active reading and well-being. Examples from across the range of Leaving Certificate subjects are used to support the learning.

Each student receives a study journal, which is an organisational and planning tool reinforcing the learning from the workshop along with providing both students and teachers with a simple method for tracking study progress.


The programme can be tailored to the needs of the school. After the programme students:
  • Can embed the practices learnt in the previous study skills workshop.
  • Take home study journal, an easy to use study planning and management tool.
  • Have additional learning skills to support them in their study.
  • Along with having increased motivation, will also have a greater awareness of how to support their own well-being before examinations.


  • Review of core study skills
  • Motivation – Mindset and motivation to succeed
  • Accelerated Learning – Whole-brain learning, learning styles, multiple intelligences
  • POKER – A methodology for study, note taking and memory techniques
  • Revision – 5 x 5 Review

Optional Extension Material:

  • Increasing Motivation – The SUPER system for success
  • Reading – Active and speed reading techniques
  • Emotional resilience and well-being – 5 simple keys for developing emotional resilience


  • Audience: Senior Cycle Students
  • Cost: Depends on number of students and location 
  • Venue: At your school (nationwide)
  • Duration:  hours

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