Settling into Secondary School: A Guide for Parents - BOOKING CLOSED

Course Duration: 1 session - 1.5 hours
For school/ parent association booking please email info@thesupergeneration.com
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This presentation is designed to both inform and empower parents. It will explain the changes at Junior Cycle, and provide supports and tips to help parents navigate the new Junior Cycle with their child.

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The Content

  •  What’s different about Junior Cycle?
  • How learning happens, developing skills that can help.
  • Supporting parents to help with homework and school tests.
  • Nurturing character strengths and resilience in your child.
  • Parenting a teenager: some useful tips.
Transition to second level can pose challenges for parents and students. There is an entirely new curriculum, new homework requirements, a new style of learning and changed assessment. Junior Cycle is new to most parents and is very different from their own junior level experience. The impact of Covid 19 on the State exams means  many parents may not have had an experience of Junior Cycle with older children that is comparable to the one their first year child will have. Covid 19 has also inhibited many students from fully engaging in 5th and 6th class in terms of developing academic skills and learning competencies. this webinar aims to alleviate parents'  anxiety about what their children may encounter in the beginning of second level that could hinder their ability to thrive in this new environment.

Course Lessons


Meet the facilitator

Dr Gráinne Mulcahy

Dr Mulcahy is a full-time teacher of Maths, Science, Biology and Religion working in one of the largest schools in the country. She has worked on the in-service provision team with Junior Cycle for Teachers. A Masters in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Work has grounded her in a very student-centred approach to teaching. Student welfare and wellbeing are at the heart of her work with schools, teachers and parents. After 30 years teaching, she took on a Doctorate in Education with TCD. Her research focused on Junior Cycle with particular interest in learning and assessment.

Learning is a lifelong process, developing the skills and confidence to engage with learning is crucial and we are never too young or too old to start.
Patrick Jones - Course author