A Parent’s Guide to Supporting your Child

Individual cost: €25
Special school discount: 
Option 1 - €2.50 per parent if booked in conjunction with student group booking.
Option 2 - €250 for whole school

Please contact in info@thesupergeneration.com for a school discount.
Designed for parents to share with them the practical knowledge and skills needed to support their children in their learning and study at secondary school.
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Many parents are unsure of the best way to support their child in their learning and study at secondary school.  This course is designed to give parents a better understanding of their children as learners, what is involved in learning and study and how they can create a supportive learning environment at home.

Key features of the online study skills course:

  • It is designed to take about 1 hour to complete, with exercises.
  • The course is self-paced, allowing parents to revisit elements of the course in their own time.
  • €5 per parent capped at €400 when booked by schools. 
  • After successfully completing the short assessments, parents receive a certificate of completion.

Course Lessons