Learning and Study Skills for Junior Cycle  Students

Many students just don’t know how to study. They are told what to learn, but they are not shown how to learn it. 
This online learning and study skills course is designed for Junior Cycle students to help them understand how to become more effective learners along with giving them a proven study methodology.

Individual cost: €25 per student 
Class: €5 per student 
Special discount option for schools: €2.50 per student when purchased with or after an in-school workshop or live webinar. 

Please contact in info@thesupergeneration.com for a school discount.
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Key features of the online study skills course:

  • Try before you buy - The first two sections of the course are free, meaning you can view the programme without making any commitment to purchase.
  • It is designed to take about two hours to complete, with exercises.
  • The course is self-paced, allowing students to revisit elements of the course in their own time.
  • Schools enrolling more than 10 students will be charged €5.00 per student. 
  • After successfully completing the assessment, students receive a certificate of completion.
  • A softcopy of the Super Generation’s Study Journal is provided free as part of the programme.
If you are a teacher and interested in your students taking this course, please
e-mail info@thesupergeneration.com to avail of the €5.00 cost per student.

Course Lessons