It’s that time of the year again, when I get to remind you of our Get-Set-Get Habit, the simple strategy that will help you settle back into the new academic year. As I keep telling students, the easiest way to tackle something that we may not enjoy doing is to have a simple strategy or approach. Believe it or not, this takes a lot of the pain out of it.

So here is your easy to follow Back to School strategy, to get you quickly into your stride: Get-Set-Get.

  • Get organised, both at home and at school. Having a detailed diary of what you are doing each day lets you know where and when you are supposed to be doing something. It also ensures that you are able to get the balance right between doing enough study each day and still enjoying the other activities in your life. Your school journal is your best aid in helping you organise your homework and study. Remember to prioritise what homework needs to be done each evening. If possible, try and have a designated study area at home where you can do your homework and study without distraction. Finally, pack your bag the night before so you are not rushing in the morning.
  • Set goals for yourself for the year. If you have a clear idea of what it is you actually wish to achieve during the year this will give you focus and help keep you motivated. The beginning of the school year is a useful time to re-examine what you wish to get out of your time in school. Set yourself a mixture of both academic and personal goals. When you set your goals, record and reward your progress on achieving each one.
  • Get into the habit of ensuring you eat and sleep well. To be an effective learner and get the most out of school you need the right nourishment and sleep. Having a healthy full breakfast each morning sets you up for the day and stops you feeling sluggish and tired during class. It is also important for you to have a healthy lunch; the body and brain need energy to help them keep going throughout the day. We all need sleep, and nobody functions well when they don’t get enough sleep. As a young person you need about eight hours of sleep a night so your body can rest and recover fully. Try and get into the routine of going to bed and getting up at the same time each day, along with avoiding distractions like the TV or iPad in your bedroom at night.

Remember, starting off is always the difficult part, but the quicker you’re back in the daily routine of it all the quicker you will begin to see yourself achieve!