Learning and Study Skills - 1st Year Students

The webinar reflects the changes that are occurring in the new Junior Cycle of placing the student at the centre of teaching and learning. The sooner a student settles into secondary school and can feel more confident, connected and engaged in their learning the more successful are their academic outcomes.


  • The Brain and Learning
  • Understanding how the brain learns
  • Exploring simple strategies to improve learning techniques
  • Classwork and Homework
  • Understanding the importance of actively engaging in both
  • How to be a more active learner
  • Key Skills for the Junior Cycle
  • Developing awareness and understanding of the Key Skills for Junior Cycle
  • How to organise and plan their study
  • How to make simple notes


  • Audience: First Year Junior Cycle Students
  • Cost: Per student costing, minimums apply
  • Venue: At your school (nationwide)
  • Duration: 2 hours

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