Young people are living in a world filled with more choice and opportunity than any previous generation. However, this choice and opportunity brings challenges and from time to time unfulfilled expectations for students, which all impacts upon their sense of well-being.

This programme was developed by John Doran, who has worked as a teacher and now guidance counsellor in the Patrician Secondary School, Newbridge for over 20 years and builds upon his own experience of delivering well-being courses to students.

As part of the training programme teachers are provided with a resource pack which guides them through the effective delivery of the Ways to Well-Being Programme.


The content of the programme is designed around the five core areas of relationship which affect well-being:
• Life
• Emotions
• Mindset, meaning and purpose
• Past, present and future
• Personality, talent and performance.

Teachers are introduced to methodologies for exploring well-being with students and the context for delivering a well-being programme in school exploring some of the stress factors in students’ lives.


Following the 2-day train-the-trainer well-being programme, teachers:
• Are equipped and feel confident to deliver a well-being programme to senior cycle students.
• Know how to increase students’ self-management, problem-solving, communication, self-esteem and resilience skills.
• Are capable of engaging students in mindfulness practice and activities.

Teacher Testimonials

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Ian Smith, International School Geneva September 9, 2016

 “Outstanding and compelling training. Relevant and engaging helping to enhance practice to make a difference for young people.”

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