Successful students tend to be organised students and they generally have one-page summaries of key topics and chapters.

1. One-page summaries help to condense just the most important information into an easy to view and review format.
2. Picking out the key information and putting it on a single page helps you to see the relationship between the important information.
3. Review is the key to long-term memory. It is not possible to regularly re-read a book, but it is very easy to review a one-page summary on a regular basis.
4. One-page summaries force you to condense information and make decisions about what is important. This will help you successfully integrate the information from each chapter or topic.

To create a one-page summary, break down the information into an outline where you create main headings from the chapter and then create subheadings beneath each that outline what’s most important.

Keep the notes to the bare minimum, indicating the important concepts and ideas so that your review later will be really focused on what’s important. Focus on the bigger ideas so that you have a great overview of what was covered in the chapter once you return to your notes later. When it’s time for the exam return to your one-page summaries and review only these so that you don’t have to wade through all of your lecture notes or all of the chapters for the information that’s most important to study!

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