Feidhlim Ó SeasnáinManager

Feidhlim is passionate about inspiring and empowering young people to reach their full potential in life, to be and achieve whatever their dreams for themselves may be.
Feidhlim has a broad range of professional experience working with young people from various backgrounds and experiences. Along with being a former secondary school teacher and youth worker he has worked in management in environmental NGOs and youth addiction services. He is also is a specialist in ESD (Education for Sustainable Development).
Feidhlim brings this wide breadth of experience into his work and believes strongly in facilitating and creating quality experiential educational opportunities for all young people.

Danielle GriffinTrainer

Danielle has worked with young people here and in Africa as a youth worker and believes in the impact education has on young people. Having delivered our seminars, Danielle says it is incredible to watch the transition of students into believing that they can achieve the personal and academic goals which they set for themselves.

Fionn WrightTrainer

Fionn, who is the youngest NLP and Neuroscience coach in the world, has worked globally as a corporate trainer and executive coach helping others boost success in terms of their personal achievement, career, relationships, learning, and happiness. Fionn is a believer in helping young people to unleash their full potential.

Sean KellyTrainer

Sean believes in the importance of inspiring and educating the next generation to realise more of their infinite potential and to use it for the betterment of themselves and others.
Sean holds an honours degree in physics and mathematics and is a master practitioner in NLP. He also has qualifications in business, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, public speaking and yoga along with being a certified Search Inside Yourself Leadership trainer (SIY developed in Google). He achieved 8th place in the Tony Buzan World Memory Championships in 1997. Sean is an International Professional Development Trainer and Inspirational Speaker, with over twenty years’ experience, he has developed and delivered training to schools, businesses and organisations in many countries around the world.
Sean is also a published author, an accomplished and experienced musician, an Ironman triathlete and competed for Ireland in the 2010 European Championships.

Caradh O’ DonovanTrainer

Caradh is a former World and European Champion Kickboxer and is currently an Irish Champion Karateka training for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Caradh has an MA in Sport and Exercise Psychology along with a BSc in Sports Management. She worked for a decade in sports development and high performance sport before focusing her attention on launching a career in motivational speaking, mentoring and coaching, and also training full time as an athlete. Caradh is an ambassador for the Irish Society of Colitis and Crohn’s Disease (ISCC) and is an advocate for creating awareness of hidden disabilities after receiving a devastating diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease in 2014. Caradh is passionate about inspiring young people to fulfil their potential and to believe in their ability to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Dave HeffernanTrainer

Dave is national coach of the Irish Kickboxing team. In his time as national coach, all underage teams and the senior team have climbed to their highest ever world ranking. During his competitive career, he has won multiple world and European titles and in recent years has gone back to competing on the Masters circuit, winning back to back world & European titles. Dave is proudest of and most passionate about his work in facilitating young people. He believes that with the right tools and guidance young people can be anything they want to be, and achieve any goal they choose, in sport, in academia and, more importantly, in their self-development and personal well-being. Dave has an honours degree in Sports Management and Coaching, an MSc from UCD in Coaching and Performance Analysis and a diploma in Executive Coaching & Leadership.

Máire ShanahanTrainer

Máire, a Social Care graduate with a postgrad in Leadership and Management in the Community Sector, has over 20 years’ experience working across the disabilities sector. She is also a Mindfulness Coach, Leave No Trace trainer, Literacy tutor and a keen mountain climber who believes that everyone has the power within to achieve their full potential.