The purpose of the programme is to consolidate core study strategies while introducing other elements such as: Learning Styles, Active Reading, and Well-being for examination students. There is also a significant motivation element to the programme.The learning is supported using examples across a range of Leaving Certificate cycle subjects.
The content in this programme will be tailored to the particular needs of the audience and will come from the following content areas:


• Planning
– Creating a plan for the year
– Creating a weekly timetable
– Study plan for each subject

• POKER – A methodology for study
– Note Taking
– Linear notes
– Mind maps
– One-page summaries

– Memory Techniques
– Story method
– Roman Room method
– Number Shape System
– Mnemonics
– Silly Sentences

• Review – 5 x 5 System

• Understanding your learning strengths:
– Learning Styles, Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic
– Where are you intelligent? – Multiple Intelligences
– Left/Right Brain and what it means to learners

• Reading
– Active Reading
– Speed Reading

• Emotional Resilience and Well-being for examination success
– Diet
– Sleep
– Exercise
– Balance – relaxation
– One Good Adult – connection.

• Increasing Motivation – SUPER System to Success 
– See what you want
– Understand why you want it
– Plan to achieve it
– Execute
– Reward

Duration: 5 hrs
Numbers: Year groups