Emotionally strong young people cope well with stress, have a positive self-image, have an ability to love and care for others and are focused on meeting their own needs. This seminar helps young people to recognise their emotions and use them in a positive way.

There is a tremendous amount of change during adolescence and the demands of the leaving certificate and the points system adds to the pressure which young people experience. Therefore it is essential that young people have the emotional skills and capacity to recognise these pressures and respond appropriately. The purpose of this seminar is to help young people to recognise when they are under pressure, how to respond to it and how to build emotional resilience.

This seminar is targeted at senior students who are likely to need to develop coping skills in the run-up to the leaving certificate.


• Becoming Aware
– The causes of stress
– Effects of stress
– Recognising stress

• Building Emotional Resilience:
– Managing emotions
– Ways of managing stress
– Slow breathing
– Taking care of yourself
– Positive thinking
– Stop
– Physical exercise
– The importance of connection

• Further Action:
– Seeking Help

Duration: 2 ½ hrs
Numbers: Year groups
Audience Seminar: Senior Students
Cost: €15 per student