More young people are being given leadership opportunities within the school community, whether this be as prefects, mentors, student council members or through programmes such as big brother – big sister, enterprise, social or environmental leadership programmes within schools.
Youth leadership has a positive effect on the school, while promoting life skills learning through working as a team, setting goals, starting conversations, facilitating meetings, etc.
Our Leadership programme is designed to give the young people the skills necessary to excel as leaders within their schools.


• What makes a great leader?
• The attributes of a leader
• Characteristics of personal and group leaders
• Communication skills and dealing with people
• Team building and team-building exercises
• Decision making
• Public speaking and body language
• Using modelling to accelerate into leadership roles
• Conflict resolution
• Goal-setting and identification of the outcomes for the year
• Organising and running meetings

Duration: 5 hours
Numbers: Up to 40 students
Audience: Prefect, student mentors and school youth leaders