We provide a variety of free study resources designed to help students succeed in their Junior Certificate or Leaving Certificate exams.

7 Steps to Exam Success7 Steps Guide to Exam Success

Download your free copy of our best study resource, The 7 Steps Guide to Exam Success. It is full of key information to help you succeed at your exams.

PDF – The 7 Steps Guide to Exam Success


Poster - The Four TsPlan Your Study Using The Four Ts

Download a copy of the Plan Your Study Using The Four T’s Poster, which gives you key information on how to effectively plan your study under four easy to remember headings.

PDF – The Four Ts


Poker Study SystemPOKER Study System Poster

Download a copy of the Poker Study System Poster, which gives you instructions on the five steps to follow in your study sessions.  

PDF – Poker Study System


 5 for 5 Review

Download a copy of the 5 for 5 Review Poster, which gives you instructions of the steps to follow when reviewing what you have studied.5 for 5 Review

5 for 5 Review Poster


Weekly Study Timetable timetable-weekly-icon

Download a copy of our Weekly Study Timetable and plan your study time each week.

Microsoft Word – Weekly Study Timetable


Drawing a Mind Map

This video which demonstrates the ‘Etch and Sketch’ step in our POKER study system using the W.B. Yeats example. Our trainer, Ray, demonstrates how to transform keywords in a topic into a mind map.


Mind Maps

Below are a collection of mind maps on various topics for both Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate. These illustrate how to create a good mind map of a topic to aid your study; there is even a mind map on how to make a good mind map!

How to make a Mind Map