This seminar is designed for 5th and 6th year students, introducing them to the mindset and skills to succeed at Senior Cycle.

This study skills programme is designed to support students at Senior Cycle to prepare for the Leaving Certificate examination.  Along with motivating students to engage fully in their study, they look at how to cope better with stress and develop resilience. The students are also brought through our unique study system – POKER.

To reinforce the learning after the seminar and assist students in organising their study, each student receives a copy of our Senior Cycle Study Journal.


The students learn about:

The Brain and Learning

  • Understanding how the brain learns
  • Accelerating learning through whole-brain activities

Growth Mindset and Resilience

  •  The importance of having a positive attitude and approach
  • Simple strategies to develop resilience

Memory Techniques

  • Simple memory techniques to enhance learning.


  • How to organise and plan their study
  • How to create effective notes, both linear and mind maps using POKER
  • Other simple note-making activities, flash cards, memory pages
  • The importance of regular revision


Seminar Details

Audience Senior Cycle Students who have not taken the Junior Cycle version of this seminar
Cost Per student costing, minimums apply
Venue At your school (nationwide)

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