This seminar is designed for senior students that have NOT previously taken the Learning and Study Skills Programme for Junior Certificate Students.

As part of this programme each young person receives a study journal. The learning in this seminar is supported with examples from a range of Leaving Certificate cycle subjects.


  • Accelerated learning
    • Whole brain learning
  • Planning
    • Creating a plan for the year
    • Creating a weekly timetable
    • Study plan for each subject
  • POKER - A methodology for study
    • Note Taking
    • Linear Notes
    • Mind maps
    • One page summaries
    • Memory Techniques
    • Story method
    • Roman Room method
    • Mnemonics
    • Silly Sentences
  • Review - 5 x 5 System

Seminar Details

Audience Senior Cycle Students who have not taken the Junior Cycle version of this seminar
Cost Per student costing, minimums apply
Venue At your school (nationwide)

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