This programme provides 1st year and 2nd year students with strategies that will assist them in structuring and recalling information.

This seminar shares with students the knowledge and skills that assist them in succeeding in secondary school.

This seminar reflects the changes that are occurring in the new Junior Cycle of placing the student at the centre of teaching and learning. The sooner a student settles into secondary school and can feel more confident, connected and engaged in their learning, the more successful are their academic outcomes.


`The Brain and Learning

  • Understanding how the brain learns
  • Exploring simple strategies to improve learning techniques

Classwork and Homework

  • Understanding the importance of actively engaging in both
  • How to be a more active learner

Key Skills for the Junior Cycle

  • Developing awareness and understanding of the Key Skills for Junior Cycle


  • How to organise and plan their study
  • How to make simple notes

Seminar Details

Audience 1st Year Students
Cost Per student costing, minimums apply
Venue At your school (nationwide)

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