This 2-day train the trainer programme is designed to equip teachers to deliver a short course on learning and student support as part of the school’s well-being and guidance programme.

Student well-being is about students having a sense of purpose, meaning and achievement in their daily lives. The ISC report on Well-Being in International Schools, 2018, identified that “Academic success is a key motivator in many schools. This emphasis can cause unhealthy levels of stress and that schools need to learn how to better support students to cope with exam-related stress, beyond simply more exam practice.

The key to achieving student well-being in school is to place the student at the centre of the teaching and learning by developing more active and collaborative learning opportunities for students and thus creating a balance between the development of subject knowledge, thinking abilities and the development of key life skills.

This 100-hour short course programme aims to embed a culture of learning and student support for Key Stage 3 students. It assists students in understanding themselves better as learners, be more organised and confident along with giving them a proven study system and approach to learning.

Learning to Learn is a whole school approach to embedding best learning practice. The programme is designed to be delivered by subject teachers, guidance counsellors and members of the pastoral and student support teams. 

Elements of the Programme

  • 2-day train the trainer programme for teachers
  • Teacher resource manual and online resources
  • Student workbook

Content of the Programme

The Learning to Learn programme is learner centred and experiential, with relevant practical exercises from across the range of subjects. The programme is divided into three key sections reflecting the student’s progress as the transition and settle in secondary school, these being:

1.      Transitioning and Learning

2.      Motivation and Learning

3.      Learning and Assessment

Each lesson and section connects with one or more of the indicators of well-being for young people. In addition, teachers are introduced to:

  • Methodologies which promote greater collaborative learning opportunities for students.
  • Ideas and approaches which teachers may wish to include in their own subject area.


Following the 2-day train the trainer programme, teachers:

  • Feel confident and equipped to deliver a learning and study skills programme.
  • Are more aware of the changing demands on students and teachers in relation to learning and assessment.
  • Are better able to provide a range of learning experiences and supports for their students.

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