This seminar is the third step in our three-part youth leadership programme designed to cultivate a success mindset in young people.

The Developing Leadership seminar builds on the content of the previous two, which were primarily focused on personal leadership, i.e. giving the young person an opportunity to understand the goals they want to achieve and giving them time to create an action plan to achieve them.

The focus of the Developing Leadership seminar shifts to group leadership, covering such areas as teamwork and attributes of leaders, etc. At the end of this session, they will have a clear understanding of their own leadership potential and the actions they have to take to realise same.


  • Review of Raising Aspiration and Accelerated Results
  • What is leadership?
  • Your values
  • Teamwork – the essense of leadership
  • Modelling – the key to success
  • Goal setting

Seminar Details

Audience Transition years, senior cycle students, prefects and mentors
Duration 2 ½ hours
Cost Per student costing, minimums apply
Venue At your school (nationwide)

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