This seminar is the second step in our three-part youth leadership programme designed to cultivate a success mindset in young people.

Building on our Raising Aspirations seminar, this seminar expands on the goals, visions, and actions by introducing young people to more tools which enhance beliefs and propel the individual participants forward with certainty and confidence.


Review of key learning points from the Raising Aspirations programme and introduction to:

      • The power of choice
      • Understanding the effect of their physiology on their results
      • Self-image
      • Writing a personal vision statement
      • The importance of grit and resilience

This seminar shows the participants how to direct their thoughts, feelings and actions so as to achieve their best results. Following this seminar, the young people understand and are able to use their minds to assist them in achieving their goals.

Seminar Details

Audience Transition years, senior cycle students, prefects and mentors
Durations 2 ½ hours
Cost Per student costing, minimums apply
Venue At your school (nationwide)