The programme shows how we learn through our senses and how to accelerate learning through left and right-brain techniques. It also provides guidance on organisation and planning study. It shows how to create effective notes using mind maps and introduces memory techniques which can be applied to enhance recall.


Layered Learning Method – Involving your visual, auditory and kinaesthetic senses in the learning process.
Accelerated Learning – How to accelerate your learning through whole-brain learning techniques.

Planning – How to break your subjects up into manageable chunks and plan your study time.
Notes – How to create notes that will accelerate your learning and enhance your memory using the Mind Map Method.

Story Method – How to use the story method to remember what you have learned.
Silly Sentences – How to use silly sentences to remember what you have learned.
Spelling Secrets – How to use simple memory techniques to remember the most difficult spellings.

Duration: 2 hours
Numbers: Class groups