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Learning to Learn Student Workbook

The learning to Learn workbook is designed to assist students in knowing themselves better as learners, being more organised and confident along with having a proven study system and approach to learning.

This workbook may be used to accompany the Learning to Learn programme delivered by teachers during Junior Cycle or used independently by the young person.

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The Learning to Learn workbook is aimed at embedding a culture of leaning and study in Schools as part of the well-being provision at Junior Cycle.

This workbook may be used to accompany the Learning to Learn programme delivered by teachers or used independently by the young person.

Each chapter is characterised by being learner centred and experiential, with relevant practical exercises from across the range of Junior Cycle Subjects. Opportunity is provided at the end of each lesson and at the end of each section for each student to reflect on their learning and their development of the Junior Cycle key Skills.

The programme is divided into four key sections supporting the student’s progress through the Junior Cycle.

  • Transitioning and Learning
  • Goal setting and learning
  • Learning and Assessment Preparation
  • The Study Journal- a study management and organisational tool


The Learning to Learn workbook is of benefit to students because:

  • It is a practical programme supporting student learning as they progress through the Junior Cycle
  • Students learn and develop practical skills relevant to the broad range of subjects which they are studying at Junior Cycle
  • Student feel more confident as learners by being more connected, engaged and reflective in the learning process
  • Students are provided with practical study and revision systems to aid them in preparation for assessments
  • Develop resilience, self-management, problem-solving and communication skills
  • Reflect on their own learning, experiences and personal journey to date
  • Create opportunities to practise well-being and mindfulness activities


“Providing greater student support ownership and involvement in the learning process is fundamental to improved Learning outcomes”.

Reporting in Junior Cycle, NCCA



Price: €18.00

Making a Difference

Making a Difference – Stories of Inspirational Teachers, is aimed at all educators, whether they be teachers or parents. It highlights the powerful formative impact of thier direction, encouragement and commitment on the lives of their learners.

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The book has stories from over sixty contributors, each giving a personal account of the impact of a teacher on their lives. There are contributions from well known people such as Ruairí Quinn, Brendan O’Carroll and Terry Prone it also includes people who have no public profile but whose lives have been equally impacted by exceptional teachers.

In this book, as the reader re-enters the classroom, they enter a world that believes in the possible and not the probable – that sees unlimited potential and not limited talent – where great feats are achieved and small miracles happen.

About the authors:

Philip O’Callaghan is a qualified secondary teacher and taught for 10 years. He holds an MSc in computer applications for education and an MBA from the University of Warwick. He is co-founder and director of The Super Generation and managing director of examCRAFT.

Padraig Lawlor is a director of The Super Generation. He holds a BEng from DIT and an MSc from the Smurfit Business School where he specialised in creativity and innovation management. A keen sportsperson, he is passionate about the impact of mindset on performance and is a licenced NLP practitioner.

Philip and Padraig co-authored the book Make It Happen – A Success Guide for Teenagers, which was published by Liberties Press in 2011.


Pages: 200
Colour: Black and White

Price: €10.00

Make It Happen

Just Released Make it Happen: A Success Guide for Teenagers, is aimed directly at teenagers, enabling them to achieve their goals.

This is the first book in the personal development space which is specifically targeted at teenagers. Through story, powerful questions, and self-reflection this attractive and eye-catching book clearly shows how thoughts and beliefs influence actions and therefore results.

While this book is designed specifically for teenagers, it will also be valuable for parents and teachers, who wish to get the best from young adults.

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‘Make it Happen’ is young, vibrant and engaging. It is developed around the concept of a TV programme allowing the young people to ‘Channel Hop’, or ‘Replay’ and like many current TV programmes, the ‘Reality Bites’ section should prove popular with young people. Make it Happen focuses on the SUPER Success System and shows the young people how to implement it in their lives to achieve what they want to be, do or have.

Technical and informative notes are interspersed with real-life stories and examples of Make it Happen’s strategies in practice, thus ensuring the book remains fast paced and varied. Modern day success stories such as U2 and the X-Factor feature to emphasise points. This book will be an invaluable guide to any young person that wants to ‘Make It Happen’.

Discounts apply on order of over 15 copies.


Pages: 216
Colour: Full Colour

Price: €10.00

The Super Generation’s Study Journal

The Super Generation’s Study Journal is a results focused, purpose driven, time management tool designed to help students increase their productivity, effectiveness and application to their study. The Study Journal has been developed around the Super Generation’s Plan, Do and 5 х 5 Review System. After preparation of study notes or a mind map, students should review the topic on five occasions for short intervals to increase their retention of information. The Study Journal makes it easier for students to plan these reviews, thereby studying more effectively and for parents and teachers to help them succeed in exams.

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The Super Generation Study Journal will help students to:
– Personalise their study programme
– Increase their level of productivity
– Create a powerful plan for each day
– Move from task orientation to a results focused
– Reduce stress and achieve life balance

Journal Features:
– Colour co-ordinated
– Modern and positive design
– A5 size and light
– Easy to use
Study Journal

Price: €6.00

Ways to Well-Being Programme – Student Workbook

The Ways to Well-Being workbook is designed to help 15-18 year olds explore how to maintain their own sense of well-being, leading to improved academic outcomes in school and a sense of accomplishment in life.

This workbook may be used to accompany the well-being programme delivered by teachers or used independently by the young person.

The content is designed around five core areas of life which affect well-being;
· Our relationship with life
· Relationship with emotions
· Relationship with mind-set, meaning and purpose
· Relationship with past, present and future
· Relationship with personality, talent and performance.

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Each lesson has a mixture of information points, reflective pieces, advice and interactive exercises, where the young person is given the opportunity to reflect on and record the key learnings for themselves in the “Takeaway” section.

The Ways to Well-Being workbook also helps young people to:
• Develop resilience, self-management, problem-solving and communication skills
• Reflect on their own learning, experiences and personal journey to date
• Create opportunities to practise well-being and mindfulness activities
This workbook is something which each young person should keep with them as it is resource for life which can be dipped in and out of, along with providing the opportunity to reflect back on their journey at various points in the future.

About the Author:
John Doran has worked as a teacher and now Guidance Counsellor in the Patrician Secondary School, Newbridge for over 20 years. He is passionate about education, life-long learning and maximising performance. As the founding chairman of the Network of School Planners Ireland, he has helped create one of the leading professional development platforms available to promote quality teaching and learning.

Ways to Well-Being Programme – Student Workbook Workbook Features:
• Up to 100 hours of material and practical exercises to engage students
• Contemporary examples from Irish life for students to identify with
• Robust hard cover with modern and positive design

“What the author has done is to bring the wisdom of psychology, the natural sciences, literature and spirituality to the area of well-being and to do so in a way that is fresh, relevant and accessible,” (Brian Flannery, Jesuit Delegate for Education).

Pages: 224
Colour: Full Colour

Price: €16.00

Parents’ Handbook: Supporting your Maths Student, Carol Guildea & Brendan Guildea

In this book we attempt to:

  • Enhance the skills a parent/guardian requires to support a student on the maths journey through second level.
  • Give no nonsense, clear, practical advice.
  • Assist in the quest to boost the student’s self-esteem and fulfil their potential in the State Examinations.
  • Explain the maths journey the students are undertaking.
  • Illustrate gender differences that give insight into how to support each gender type.

Brendan Guildea is one of Ireland’s leading maths teachers. He presents revision seminars for students and in-service courses for teachers throughout the country. He features regularly in the media, leading discussions on the teaching of Maths, the Mathematics syllabus and the state examinations. He also teaches DEIS students under Trinity College Access Program. On Eir’s “StudyHub”, he presents a selection of lessons based on the “New Concise Project Maths” textbooks for secondary schools and the most recent exam questions. He is a co-author of this very popular six-book series.

Brendan is also the co-author of an eight book series of maths revision for all levels in the Junior and Leaving Certificate exams under the hugely popular banner of: “Less Stress, More Success” published by Gill.

Carol Guildea has developed a career as a full time Guidance Counsellor since graduating with a Masters Degree in Education Guidance and Counselling from Trinity College Dublin in 2006.

In her capacity as Guidance Counsellor, Carol has worked in a variety of different schools across the spectrum at second level. She has gained experience in the areas of personal counselling and guiding students through the processes of college applications in Ireland, UK, USA and Europe. In addition she has made a significant contribution as proofreader for the eight books in the revision series “Less Stress, More Success”.

Price: €10.00